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“When we arrived at Dr. Rothenberg’s office for our consultation, the staff was very professional and efficient. When we met with the doctor, he was not only professional but so warm and friendly that he made my daughter feel so comfortable and eased her fear of getting braces. We knew we were in the right hands.” ~ Laura G.

“The best customer service I have ever received at a doctor’s office. Your patients matter to you and you make sure they feel that way.” ~ Gregory L.

“Dr. Rothenberg is a very caring and knowledgeable orthodontist. He makes the kids and parents feel comfortable and is always patient in answering my questions or concerns.” ~ Richard M.

“Friendly staff, knowledgeable doctor, clean and pleasant office atmosphere.” ~ Jennifer C.

“Jason Rothenberg instills a sense of confidence in the way he treats his patients. He is personable and intelligent, and he takes the time to listen to what the patient has to say or ask, then reflects upon it, and gives sound advice for the benefit of his patients’ long-term and short-term orthodontic plans. He allows the patient to feel well cared for by an expert in his field. I suppose you could say that I would endorse his practice and have found myself very lucky to be in his care.” ~ Adina P.

“All of the staff is very friendly and helpful. Everything is state-of-the-art. The office décor is very appealing to patients and makes the appointments pleasurable.” ~ Robert C.

“He is genuine and makes me feel very welcome — so does the entire office. It is clear everyone enjoys working there. A very pleasant experience for a patient!”  ~ Deborah P.

“Dr. Rothenberg is very nice, always on time, and answers all of my questions.” ~ Melissa L.

“Dr. Rothenberg answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns and did not pressure me to make any decisions on the spot.” ~ Michele L.

“Honest, friendly, sensitive to what my kids are going through in just being there.” ~ Scott D.

“Our orthodontist is very personable and made my children feel comfortable and relaxed. He is also a very good orthodontist!” ~ Jelsa N.

“Small, private, and personalized …. Dr. Rothenberg was extremely patient and informative. My daughter seemed to feel very comfortable with the manner in which he presented himself as well as the way he answered questions so she could understand what was going on and what will be taking place as far as her braces are concerned.” ~ Deitria B.